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Are You An EMDR Clinician?

If you are an EMDR therapist, have availability in your schedule, and would like to be added/featured on this site, please email - - with the following information:

1.) Your first and last name - The one you use professionally


2.) Your email address and website


3.) Telephone number (if you want to include it - and if so, do you receive/communicate by text as well?)


4.) Your general area office location

5.) Whether or not you are currently seeing folks in person or online


6.) A short blurb about yourself, and specifically your EMDR practice


7.) A profile picture (preferably not a huge file if possible).


8.) When and where you did your EMDR training, and/or certificate of completion so that we can verify your training.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit. Thank you!

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