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Session Details

What are the fees?
Fees vary by therapist - Please get in touch with your preferred clinician directly, to ask about their fees.  You can typically expect a range from $100 - $200 per session. 
Additionally, it is prudent to check with your insurance company to find out the coverage available to you; most insurers allot a portion of coverage for mental health services.
Payment is due at the time of each session.  Please check with your provider about their accepted methods of payment.
How long is one session?
Sessions run for 50 - 55 minutes.  Please arrive a minute or two early for your appointment.
How many appointments will I need?
The answer to this question depends on a number of factors including your availability/schedule, the severity of your experiences, and your personal desire to continue in therapy.  You and your therapist will discuss this topic throughout your time together, and collaboratively develop a plan that you are comfortable with.  In EMDR therapy you will typically see results faster than in more traditional therapeutic environments (CBT based therapies for example).  Additionally, the results in EMDR therapy are measurable, and you will gain an accurate sense of your progress at the end of every single session. 
What can I expect during my first appointment?
The first appointment is a good opportunity for you and your therapist to get to know one another.  This is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you like about the therapeutic process, how you and your therapist will work together collaboratively, what you can expect throughout the EMDR sessions, or express any thoughts or feelings you have regarding EMDR therapy.
Still have questions? 
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