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Trish Stephens achieved her Masters in Counselling Psychology (MACP) and also holds a Masters of Arts in English.   While completing her MACP, Trish worked with individuals diagnosed with critical mental illness at the North Bay Regional Hospital.  She helped her patients to cope with depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, stigma, anger, loss/grief, self confidence, and supported her patients in cultivating healthy relationships, establishing personal boundaries, and developing the skills for wholesome living. 


Working from a client-centred and tailored perspective, Trish uses the standard EMDR protocol to help her clients reprocess difficult events (past or present), and assist them in their development of adaptive information.  This allows her clients to foster a healthy connection to the present, and ultimately develop a stronger ability to successfully cope with the future.  Together, Trish and her clients establish a strengths-based foundation and build towards awareness, growth, empowerment and change.  Her therapeutic process is gentle yet practical, and always down-to-earth.

Trish is also in the process of spearheading a new project, which will create a network of EMDR clinicians, nation-wide, to help clients across Canada find and connect with EMDR therapists more easily. Visit for more.

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